A recent conversation with a former NFL player who is currently planning to participate in the inaugural XFL Football League, made a comment to me that he “plan[s] to ball out in this league and then have a shot to get back to the [NFL].” I cautioned him that his state of mind is the reason a lot of players fail at the next stage of their career, i.e. life after football.  If a player has already passed through NFL ranks and is now playing in a league that is less than the NFL, his chances of playing again in the NFL are slim to none.   Unless a player is the MVP of his current league, he will not be considered a high prospect back to the NFL.

This underlines a continuing problem most players find themselves falling into.  While many say they are not defined by the game, they find it hard to let go of the game and gravitate back to what they know, only to realize there is no future in the rear-view mirror. While this seems to be an easy concept to grasp, it is harder to “let go” of the game, than most may think.  This cycle is what causes many players to waste time developing their next career and lose valuable time they will never get back.