Would you want someone to inform you if he had intrinsic evidence that you had been the “pawn” in an elaborate business scheme (Ponzi Scheme) that deprived you of tens of thousands of dollars?

Most people answer that question affirmatively.

However, I believe the number of professional athletes who turn a blind eye when faced with that question and have the ability to do something about it, is quite alarming.

A former professional athlete apprised me of a situation where he had first-hand knowledge of an elaborated business venture that was allegedly having players investing into a Ponzi Scheme (yes, these things are still going on even after the Bernie Madoff scandal). Some professional athletes had invested as much as $200,000 into the business with nothing to show for it at the end of the day. When the former player presented factual evidence to these players, most of them were not happy about what they had heard, but most opted to do nothing about it other than to say, “Oh, well!”. Figuring they had been “had”, they were too prideful, too busy, and too embarrassed to want to do anything about it. Let alone, none wanted the perceived “hassle” of speaking with the police and local authorities.

Yes, just like you, as you read this blog, I too shook my head in disbelief.