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Truth and Honesty (in the NFL)

Truth and honesty is something that has seemingly been lost on the NFL for quite sometime.  Often times those with power think they have it “all figured out”, because many do not challenge their thought process; however there is a thin line between constructive criticism and undercutting ones ideas and plans.


Most players take it very personally when they are released are rightfully upset at the time. The best advice I gave most players who came into my office for those closed door conversations when they were perplexed why they were being released or even before they were released, was to make sure they asked the one question they wanted to know in the right context.  Most players ask, “How am I doing [in my play and practice]?” The quick and easier answer is, “You are doing good (sic).” A better question to ask is, “What can I do to be the best player I can be?” Phrasing the question in the correct way, made it easier for most to get an honest answer, and an honest answer is all any player ever wants: good or bad.

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