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That's Why I Don't Play Fantasy Football

Earlier this week when Maurice Jones Drew stopped on the one yard line on Sunday to preserve the victory against the New York Jets, it reassured my reasoning as to why I don’t play fantasy football. As Head Coach Jack Del Rio reiterated in a playful homage to former New York Jets Head Coach Herman Edwards, “You play to win the game!”

As Jones-Drew eased through the offensive line well on his way to the goal line, He stopped just shy of a touchdown costing thousands of fantasy football player’s points in their fantasy leagues. It seemed horrific and costly, but in keeping the essence of trying to win the game, it was the right thing to do.

This situation reveals how many of us coach potatoes and arm-chair quarterbacks are not in control of anything that happens on the field on game day. Trust me, I get and understand the entertainment factor and value associated with Fantasy Football. It does make the game more interesting for any fan of the game. However the guys who take it so seriously that they truly think they are real owners, general managers, and head coaches need to relax a bit and understand player and coaches do not play for fantasy football teams. They “play to win the game!”

To all the die-heard Fantasy Football owners out there across the country, keep playing and strategizing and I hope your quarterbacks throw touchdowns and your wide receivers catch the many touchdowns, and your team defense hold each team to a minimal amount of points and yards. But please keep this in mind each and every week, you are not managing the true operations of a football team, and have no direct effect on who scores, when they will how, nor how much they will score. Dude, and dudettes, it is called fantasy football for a reason.

Oh yeah, and I give a mad shout out to my good friend team, The Ballas, and his current first place status in his fantasy league.

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